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The BassChat Podcast

Oct 3, 2018

Welcome to episode 2 of the podcast. You can now find all episodes on iTunes, Spotify & Stitcher (so get subscribed), with the pilot appearing on Soundcloud here:

Episode 2 has forum member and podcast host Akio Daku (Bo) & forum member & moderator Sibob (Si) talking about performance, talent, learning & the late Dave Hall. Before that though, Bo talks to Trevor Raggatt of the Wal Bass History Blog, taking us through all things Wal. You can find Trevor's blog here:

If you're a forum member, please check out the feedback and discussions thread and let us know what you think:

If you're not a member, please do pay the forum a visit and take a look around, it's free to sign up and is a fantastic community of bass players.